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      Company profile: The company was formally registered and established in 2015.It has a modern standard factory building of more than 5,000 square meters and a large outdoor exhibition hall. , High simulation LED tree light,
A full range of outdoor lighting products such as lawn lights, buried lights, LED landscape modeling lights, and various street lamp supporting equipment products. It is a large enterprise integrating design, development, retail, wholesale, and engineering.
      Based on the tenet of "service first, integrity-based", the company promotes regional marketing and manufactures large-scale road and landscape lights, garden lights, high simulation tree lights and other products, which are widely used in municipal engineering, gardens, real estate companies, squares, Villas and other places and exported
Throughout the world, it has been unanimously welcomed and praised by customers at home and abroad.
      The website of Zhongshan Huaguan Lighting Co., Ltd. has been upgraded and optimized in real time! The website contains multiple languages, covering corporate news and developments, product centers, engineering cases, member centers, company forums, album downloads, Baidu map navigation, contact addresses, etc.
Full line functionality. No matter when and where customers can enter our website through computers, mobile phones and other equipment to understand the latest order production status, as well as the company's latest progress, the latest products and other information, so that you can control all aspects without leaving home . Product quality is
Enterprise competitiveness, strict control and management of product production processes and production processes, introduction of cash management concepts and production equipment and processes, scientific calculation of the material and thickness of the lamp body, and reasonable configuration to make it strong and strong and adapt to local conditions Temperature
On the basis of 100% safety, the products are economical, beautiful, and pay attention to details and surface treatment processes. Through communication with customers and feedback on after-sales service, according to different climates, geographies and cultures around the world, adjust the process to meet different
Customers, make Corolla Lighting into a world-leading lighting brand.
      Based on the present and going to the future, Corolla Lighting is willing to work with you to create a better future!



Service-oriented, integrity-based. In the future, we will establish a system to provide multi-dimensional and diversified services to all participating customers.

Products are mainly used in municipal squares, leisure and entertainment squares, pedestrian streets, urban main roads, Yingbin Avenue, high-end villas, high-end communities, parks, beautiful villages, characteristic towns, and tourist attractions.

Hundreds of professionals from the team are tailor-made for you, and the project covers cities around the world.