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Future development trends of night city lighting in the futu

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Urban nightscape lighting refers to outdoor lighting projects that have both lighting functions as well as artistic decoration and landscaping functions. That is to decorate buildings or structures, squares, roads, bridges, airports, stations, docks, places of interest, gardens and green areas, rivers, waterfronts, commercial streets and advertising signs, and urban municipal facilities. Reshape and organically combine them into a harmonious, beautiful, magnificent and distinctive night scene picture to express the night scene image of a city or region. There are various engineering methods for urban nightscape lighting, and the choice of lighting fixtures is also complicated. The overall ability of lighting designers is high.
      "Smart City" Practice
      With the rapid development of modern cities, various lighting facilities such as night scene lighting and light advertisements have developed greatly. At present, the number of lighting facilities has increased significantly, and lighting control requirements are more complex. Only through intelligent control systems can the refined management of urban lighting be achieved, and it is more convenient to achieve environmental protection. Smart lighting, as an important part of "smart city", uses the city's sensor network and power carrier technology to connect street lights in the city to form the "Internet of Things", and uses information processing technologies such as computing to process massive amounts of perceived information and Analyze and make intelligent response and intelligent decision support for various needs including people's livelihood, environment, public safety, etc., so that urban living lighting reaches a "smart" and "green" state.
      Future urban night lighting trends
      Promoted by the overall good development of the city's night scene lighting industry, domestic city's night scene lighting industry enterprises have also shown rapid and stable development momentum. In the future, the refined management of city night scene lighting will usher in greater challenges and more opportunities. In addition, nightscape lighting will also become the development trend of urban lighting because of its multiple advantages of combining cultural and artistic experience and functional lighting technology. Intelligent management and maintenance of LED light sources and lighting facilities will also be more widely used.
Over time, people's expectations of the city will change dramatically. To this end, it is recommended to pilot a blanking mechanism. In fact, it is increasingly difficult to accurately determine the concepts of future space, time, and ecology. In order to deal with the uncertainties that traditional planning may bring, a clear route may become an obstacle to future construction. There are many planning areas for urban landscape construction. A mechanism of leaving blank space, then renewing it step by step, and renewing it step by step is set up.
      The night scene lighting makes the city's night more colorful, and makes people, buildings and the environment harmoniously integrate into one, meeting the multiple needs of people for colorful lighting effects. At present, China's urban night scene lighting has developed rapidly, which has played an important role in improving urban functions, improving the urban environment and improving people's living standards.