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LED lights and energy-saving lights are not the same, pay mo

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Now most of our families are very particular about using electricity. Now that everyone's awareness of environmental protection has increased, they can usually save a little electricity, and have contributed to the sustainable development of the planet. Secondly, residents in some areas are not cheap to use electricity. If you want to use electricity in a hurry, it will inevitably make people feel bad to pay the electricity bill at the end of each month! Therefore, there are many energy-saving appliances on the market, including the electric lamps we use for lighting. But everyone should pay attention to that LED lights and energy-saving lamps are not the same type. Pay attention when choosing, don't be stolen by the business!
        LED lights and energy-saving lamps can both save electricity when they are used, but in essence, these two types of lamps belong to completely different categories. First of all, the LED lamp is actually a kind of light-emitting diode. It uses solid-state semiconductor elements to convert electrical energy into light energy, thereby achieving the purpose of lighting. Energy-saving lamps are essentially the same as incandescent lamps, except that they combine fluorescent lamps and ballasts, so that when the same amount of electricity is emitted, less power is consumed!
        As shown above, there is a fundamental difference between the two in terms of light emission. However, because LED lights have not yet been fully popular, many people will confuse these two types of lights! In terms of purchase price, LED lights have more advantages and more complex components, so their price is much higher than energy-saving lamps. Therefore, when many businesses see those who do not understand energy-saving lamps and LED lights, they will put this The two steal the concept and sell energy-saving lamps as LED lights to consumers!
       When you choose a lamp, you must choose an LED lamp, because it has many advantages over energy-saving lamps! Although the price is more expensive, but in terms of experience and energy-saving performance, we all have reasons to choose LED lights! First of all, in terms of energy consumption, under the condition that the two light bulbs produce the same lighting intensity, the LED lamp has only 25% of the energy consumption of the energy-saving lamp, because the LED reduces the loss on thermal energy, and the direct utilization rate will be greater. Secondly, the same wattage of LED lights, its lighting intensity will be greater than energy-saving lamps, for example, we all buy a 10-watt light bulb, install LED lights, the entire house is bright, and energy-saving lamps may appear It's dark! Finally, the service life of LEDs is much higher than that of energy-saving lamps. Generally speaking, the service life of LEDs is about 50000-100000 hours, while the service life of energy-saving lamps is only 5000-8000 hours. The length of the LED lamp is 10 times higher than the energy saving lamp, but its price is not as high as 10 times that of the energy saving lamp?
       Therefore, comprehensive evaluation from all aspects, LED lights are dominant! In our home, it is very wise to choose LED lights, especially those families with children at home, they need LEDs and so on. I do n’t know when you used incandescent and fluorescent lamps before, did you hear a word called “strobe”, that is, when incandescent and fluorescent lamps are illuminated, there will be light waves flickering. This is not visible to the naked eye, but the frequency Flash is bad for our eyes! However, LED lights do not have this problem, so we do not have to worry about its lighting will damage children's eyesight!
      After reading the article, everyone has a clearer understanding of LED lights and energy-saving lamps. LED lights are a development trend of future lighting, we need to understand in advance! When you choose LED lights in the future, you must distinguish yourself, and don't be fooled by the concept of stealing the concept! Of course, you can also choose to buy LED lighting directly online, which will be much more convenient!